Welcome to Countrywood!

Thank you for visiting the Countrywood Homeowners' Association website. Countrywood, a long-standing neighborhood in Clinton, Mississippi, is located in South Clinton, bordered by Clinton-Raymond Road. Please browse our website and register as a Member if you live in the neighborhood.



Please be aware that someone has made a prank call using the Pet Directory from this site. To protect our website members we have removed the Public Pet Directory and it is only available for viewing with member log-in. Be aware that someone may impersonate Board members (as our names and information are public on this site). Check out this FTC link on how to avoid scams: https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-avoid-scamhttps://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/776a_10_things-you-can-do-to-avoid-fraud.pdf

Also, please know that if you have any concerns about what is shared on our site through our Neighborhood Directory (again log-in required), you may change your information and account settings. Simply log-in at the top right-hand corner of the Home page. Once logged in, you may amend member settings and account settings from that pull-down menu.

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2023 HOA Dues  - PAY NOW!
Dues are $45.00 per year payable annually. Dues may be paid through the secure website or by check mailed to Countrywood HOA Treasurer, 110 Longwood Drive, Clinton, MS 39056 This is a very small investment in keeping the neighborhood attractive.

To pay online:

If you are already registered for the site - log-in and your Invoice is waiting for payment. Simply click on the "bell" icon on the top right corner to pay your invoice online and follow prompts.

If you are NEW to the site - Select "register" on the top-right hand corner where it indicates "Please log in or register." Fill out the registration form and click register. Once your form is submitted, log in and click on the "bell" icon to pay your invoice online.


Thank you to Karen and Derek Adams, a Countrywood resident/homeowner, who redesigned, planted and refreshed both Countrywood entrances.  Their hard work and the new plantings have made a huge impact on both entrances.  The appearance of each entrance will continue to improve as the plants get established. 

Thank you to Brad Williams who faithfully mows and trims the grass at the subdivision entrance.  His handiwork keeps our common area between the two entrances looking fresh and clean!  We appreciate his commitment to providing that valuable service to the HOA.

Thank you to Love Irrigation who recently responded quickly to a sprinkler issue and programmed the sprinkler systems at both entrances!


Any concerns with compliance with City of Clinton property maintenance and public nuisance ordinances should be directed to Johnny Steverson ([email protected]) at the Clinton Community Development Office (601) 924-2256.  For more info on the ordinances, click here.  



Countrywood HOA Dues  - $45

Due on a calendar basis - Pay now for 2023
You may pay online or by check - payable to Countrywood HOA, 110 Longwood Drive, Clinton, MS 39056.

Your dues to the Countrywood HOA helps with our Neighborhood's monthly expenses - 
Lights for Entrances, Water for Landscaping, Flags, Maintenance Between and Around the Entrances, & Website Fees.  Funds are also used for periodic neighborhood get-togethers.